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VIP Express Tourism Limited Buyers Guide

The VIP Express Tourism Limited Buyers Guide

This informative booklet contains everything you need to know about us!

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VIP Express Tourism Limited is a top international travel and tourism company offering its members high quality vacation accommodation services.

VIP Express Tourism Limited focuses specifically on quality family vacations as we value the strong bond of families. By offering these quality vacation accommodation services VIP Express Tourism Limited is contributing to strengthening these bonds between families, reduce stress from the everyday rigours of life and improve longevity. Our services are designed to appeal to every generation from children to grandparents, offering a mix of rest and adventure to the whole family.

Quote: The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page -Saint Augustine

VIP Express Tourism Limited also runs a referral marketing programme where members stand a chance to earn a passive secondary income through the referral marketing. When members refer people to VIP Express Tourism Limited, who subsequently become members of VIP Express Tourism Limited, we work out a commission percentage that is then given to the member who gave us the referral. This is our way of thanking our members for helping us market our company and our services.

Holiday referral program

VIP Express Tourism Limited members have access to a fantastic portfolio of stunning international holiday resorts and accommodation. Not only does VIP Express Tourism Limited provide the lifestyle enrichment experience, it also provides the means to afford that lifestyle. VIP Express Tourism Limited wants you to have fun wherever you go. Whatever you consider "vacationing" to be — sunning, skiing, swimming, fishing, shopping, hiking, horseback riding, or simply relaxing — we can help you fulfil that dream. Self-catering accommodation offering you all the conveniences plus flexibility and privacy.

Family holiday members

Core Corporate Values

VIP Express Tourism Limited is a top international travel and tourism company offering its members high quality vacation accommodation services to destinations worldwide.

Our stakeholder's values and needs are important to us and so, based on intensive research, sensitivity, communication and sound corporate judgement, we are committed to steadfastly strive to meet those values, needs and expectations.

Our employees, associates and partners are the foundation of our ability to provide service excellence and therefore, their continual growth and development – through training, counselling and mentorship – are of paramount importance.

We strive to create and expand a corporate service culture of caring and sharing, by treating our colleagues as stakeholders with respect, dignity and trust. As responsible and committed players in the industry we are driven to look beyond the obvious; serve beyond expectations; plan beyond the immediate and to reward service excellence performed beyond the call of duty.

We are committed to uphold and consistently improve our corporate compliance with the industry codes of good practice and corporate governance. Our core values serve as constant reminders and guidelines in our resolve to be the industry's preferred employer, vacation club, vendor and service provider.

Mission Statement

You have entered the exhilarating world of earning exponentially in the leisure industry for something we all do naturally (word of mouth marketing) while you enjoy brilliant and quality prepaid holidays and accommodations for the next five years.

Nigeria Tourism and travel Awards and accolades

Since inception in 2008, VIP Express Tourism Limited has received numerous awards and accolades ranging from
a recipient of the prestigious "AFRICAN ACHIEVERS AWARD".

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